6 Best Practices to improve employee engagement

employee engagement best practices

What do you think employee engagement to be?

Is it about only keeping the employees happy in the workplace or engaging employees with some work? What is your opinion on this? Want to know!! Let’s dive deeper into the employee engagement best practices.

The first thing that comes into our mind is that the employees are engaged and passionate about what they are doing. Earlier, employee engagement was all about job satisfaction, job commitment and organizational citizenship behavior.

But now the concept of engaging employee has changed over time. Though the basic concept remains the same, the current employee engagement has got a broader scope. In fact, evidences show that employees who are engaged in work and committed gives a competitive edge to the organization such as higher productivity and lower employee turnover.


In simple words, highly engaged employees will be emotionally bonded to the employer and will be motivated to work or even move an extra mile for the success of the employer. Therefore, it is very essential to improve employee engagement.

Well here are 6 best practices to improve Employee engagement

1. Bringing meaning to the work

Can we do an activity without understanding its purpose? Obvious answer is NO!

We want to work in a company that provides meaning to the job. Therefore, employees must understand the sole purpose of why they are performing certain tasks and how it is impacting organizations overall goals and strategies.

Without understanding the business goals of the organization, an employee works only for getting monetary benefits. Therefore, organizations must aim to bring positive impact on work environment. Studies shows that people who are engaged in challenging and innovative project, work enthusiastically in their organization.

2. Sense of belongingness to the workplace

I remember a saying that “If an employer takes care of his employees, they will take care of his customers”. That’s absolutely true. If an employee feels the sense of belonginess in the work place then the employee will be committed to work more for his employer.


3. Opportunity to make valuable contribution

We all like to be part of discussion where new creative ideas are brought forward. Can we think of an organization which gives platform for contributing our ideas, which is also a valuable way of providing a potential bond between employee and employer? This will enable a sense of belonginess and meaning to the work we do.

4. Rewards and recognition

Who doesn’t like to be recognized for work they do?  The rewards may not be in the form of monetary benefits alone, but small rewards that we earn can push forward for achieving greater heights. It is an important driving force for motivation.

5. Developing clear career path

If our organization is helping us to develop our career, how does it sound? Sounds good right!

We all work in the companies to achieve goals for the company as well as to achieve our personal goals. Which employee doesn’t like to earn money and buy his or her dream cars or houses?

Organization should offer training programs that will help the employee to learn and define a career path, which will further bring career progressions and leadership developments.


6. Encourage team building programs and collaboration

Is it not fun to be with our peers? A strong team building activity can bring in team collaboration with our team mates. A team can do wonders than individual. Regular team building activities can bring about relaxation under stressful environment.

Therefore, it can be summarized that employee engagement is closely linked to overall organizational performance and reduces intension of the employees to leave the company. Using the employee engagement best practices will lead to enhanced employee productivity as well as profitability and customer satisfaction for the organization.

Merin is an HR professional with an MBA in Human Resource. She likes doing a lot of research and study in the field of Human Resource and can't help but share her knowledge on the same in this platform. She is also a great cook and during her free times she keeps experimenting with new dishes. Know more about Merin by clicking here.
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