Top 15 Employee Training Software for Best Training

Top Employee Training Software

As the workforce training environment is constantly changing, the organisations need to ensure that the employee training and development is at par with the latest trends and company requirements. The best way to achieve this is using the employee training software that provides you with the most efficient way of training your employees.

According to research from Middlesex University, more than 21 percent of the employee turnover happens within the first two months. Therefore, you might think that the time spent on employee training & development programs is non-productive. However, if you use the right employee training software to engage your employees effectively, you can ensure high productivity as well as retention.

Your company should focus on retaining the employees in every possible way because you would never want your employee to leave after you invested all your time, energy, and resources in training them.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay” — Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor

With the world full of information, you would be wondering about the best training software for your employees. In this article, you will be able to learn everything about the Employee Training software, its benefits, features, and details of some of the best available training software in the market. You can identify what’s great and what’s not to find the best training solutions for your company and employee needs.

What is Employee Training Software?

Employee Training Software is a tool that helps create and assign training and development courses for the employees. It is a mediator that carries knowledge content and imparts training to the users using various modes of learning. This software is used by most companies globally of all sizes to train their employees, customers, staff, and even partners. It can be customized to deliver the training as per employee training plan, the user’s comfort level and help the organization monitor the progress of the employees. 

With the advent of online learning, there has been quite a revolution in the way companies educate their workforce. All thanks to advanced online employee training methodologies that make your learning easily accessible and consistent from any corner of the world. You can enjoy all the courses from the comfort of your home with no extra effort, and there is no manual intervention of the HRs in the employee’s training course.


Employee Training Software Benefits

Some of the most common benefits of an employee training software are as follows:

1. Standardization of Organizational Content 

Storing all the training materials on an online repository allows the trainers to access the resource across all the organisational functions. It standardizes the filing conventions ensuring that the same content is shared across all your employees.

2. Immersive learning experience

The e-learning experience has increased employees’ overall productivity, and the companies that use eLearning technology have been able to achieve over an 18% boost in their employee engagement

Employee Learning Experience

The modern training courses are user-friendly and grab the users’ attention at one go, and help them stay focused and dedicated until the full course completion. As per stats, employees consume five times more content in e-learning than in a regular learning program. The actively engaged employees have the curiosity to navigate through new applications after completion of one.

3. Easily Track Employee Progress

Training platforms have dashboards incorporated by default to help companies track their employee’s progress. The time required to complete a particular course, challenges faced while completing a particular course, and the number of people showing up as a defaulter for the same can be tracked easily using employee training software.

In-app notification via mail is sent to a group of learners, say, defaulters, who fail to complete the course within a stipulated time. It makes the entire flow very easy for the HRs since they need not intervene manually and remind individuals to complete the course. 

4. Reduced Training Costs

Employee Training software aims at reducing the training cost. The software uses an online functionality that ensures no duplication and no rework. You can create content once and upload the same, avoiding repetition of the tasks. All the training materials can be reused, thus cutting down the cost.


Key Features to look in Employee Training Software

Employee training software solutions offer all or most of the following functionality:

1. Advanced & Robust Reporting

Organisations can use built-in reporting features of these software to find out the popularity of specific courses and which employees have completed the course, or even track progress for entire departments or teams. 

2. Personalized learning paths

The employee training software focuses on creating a personalized learning path depending on the user’s existing skills and interest in a particular skill.

3. Virtual classrooms

With the advancement of technology, trainers and trainees can join the virtual classrooms from any part of the world through a web browser. They do not need to be physically present under the same roof to attend a class.

4. Feedback System

Several feedback systems, ranging from surveys, polls, ratings, stars, and many more, allow employers and HRs to evaluate the effectiveness of the training on their employees. 

5. Self-support knowledge centers

Chatbots, help desks, and other self-supporting tools help the companies resolve any issue the employees face while learning, thus enhancing the learning experience.

6. Mobile learning

The employees can access essential materials like course content, messages from trainers and even quizzes to complete their training through their tablets or phones. 

Mobile Learning

7. Scalability

Employee training software ensures that it grows along with the company and can provide new features and support at scale, as and when required.


Best Employee Training Software in 2024

Here’s a brief description of the top 15 Employee Training Software in 2024 available in the market, along with their key features:

1. TalentLMS

Talent LMS

TalentLMS is on the mission to standardize employee training to make it easily accessible, affordable, and enjoyable. It creates training as an opportunity to allow people and the companies to grow together as a team.

It was released in 2012 with over few customers, and now it has a whopping 10,000+ customers. It has created over 3M+ courses until now, covering almost all domains required by an individual or a company as a whole.

2. ProProfs

Pro Profs

ProProfs Training Maker is a commonly used software that provides training in multiple languages. It has numerous professional instructors that can create reports and provide guidance during the course.

The key feature is a virtual classroom that allows any number of learners to join the class from any corner of the world. The employees can access the ready-to-use course and templates and take the quizzes and assessments to evaluate their performance.


3. Docebo


Docebo is one such software that commits to building products helping people transition smoothly toward a better technology-driven world. It has a diverse community that helps people learn from each other, grow with each other, and appreciate each other.

The key features of Docebo are that it is innovative, impactful, and believes in togetherness and simplicity. It encourages people to keep their learning curve exponential and empowers individuals with the right choice.

4. SkyPrep LMS

Skyprep LMS

SkyPrep LMS is a cloud-based learning management system designed to simplify training and professional development for businesses and educational institutions. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, SkyPrep LMS offers a comprehensive solution for organizing, delivering, and tracking online courses and training materials.

The platform provides tools for creating and managing courses, a customizable learning portal, and robust reporting and analytics capabilities.

5. LearnUpon


This employee training development tool is one of the industry-leading expertise starting from set up and implementation to beyond. It provides customer support round the clock, making it the most used tool.

It is more of a people-focused platform that is designed keeping learners in mind and empowers the new hires. Learning is simple and engaging for the people who use this tool as it creates a culture of learning amongst the employees and fuels customer growth using value-focused training.

6. GoBrunch


GoBrunch is an online training software that provides a realistic and simple way of interacting with individuals. There are virtual seminar rooms, no time boundaries, customizable as per the requirements, and many more similar features.

The best part about this tool is that you can create multiple sessions inside the same event and assign different hosts for each. The admin has access to control all the attendees’ mics and cameras. Conducting a training session here is easy and compatible.


7. BizLibrary


Many small and mid-sized companies use BizLibrary as their online learning partner that offers flexible and scalable learning solutions. This training software tool automates the development of skills and focuses on  personalized learning development of an individual.

It provides leadership management development that can aid the managers and leaders and impact the people working in your organization. It strategizes the partnership to maximize the ROI and bring maximum profit.

8. Litmos


The world’s leading companies use this online training software to train their employees and interns. The key features of this tool are service and support, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and sales feature. It provides universal accessibility available 24/7, both in online and offline mode.

It also offers modern-day demanding courses, be it communication and social skills, compliance, leadership, management, or any particular domain. It’s an easy to deploy software that gets integrated with the ecosystem in minutes.

9. Kallidus


Kallidus, is a learning management system that brings learning and development to your fingertips. It provides a personalized solution for a workplace of any size in any location. This learning management tool is easy to access and tracks the performance of each of the candidates.

It also provides combined learning that includes classroom, online, mobile, and social. It delivers personalized and scalable content, including customized reminders.


10. Whatfix


Whatfix is one software that focuses equally on employee and customer benefits. It boosts employee productivity, empowers the software users, and expedites the customer’s understanding and proficiency.

The main motto of whatfix is to convert every user into a power user. The integrated software is created in such a way to keep the members engaged for long and tailor their attention to one side.

11. LearnAmp


Learn Amp is best known for its smooth onboarding experience. This software aligns individual and business goals and empowers individuals to upskill their careers. It engages the learners and creates a personalized learning journey.

This software also gives the option for its users to use a common platform where insights can be shared, making the learning decentralized, fun, and easy. It has easy access to e-learning, is available 24/7, and is mobile-friendly.

12. 360Learning Software


As the name suggests, this software provides a 360-degree approach to all learners by building a collaborative learning culture. It’s automated admin tasks can cut down the costs by about 60%. It focuses more on professional growth, making it a pillar of your organisation’s culture.

This software also helps the client-facing teams to outperform when faced with a challenge. It is one of the top-rated platforms with over 91% course completion rate on average.


13. Accord LMS


Accord Learning Management System can be considered as a one-stop solution for your company to train employees, partners, and customers. The software is attractive and easily navigable.

Accord LMS provides personalized learning plans with automated course enrolment and has fair pricing with no hidden costs making it easy to afford. All kinds of learners, be it internal, external, or franchise, use this software to upgrade their knowledge, making it the best.

14. Groundwork1

Groundwork1 Employee Training Software

Groundwork1 Employee Training Software is a simple learning management system that sends training content directly to email inboxes. This makes accessing the training easier for employees so they are more likely to complete it. It’s easy to use the drag and drop lesson editor to create training content and set up an email sequence.

It delivers professional branded training materials while tracking learner progress and completion. It would work well for small to medium HR departments, non-profits, volunteer training, and more.

15. iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is the optimal solution for companies that need to implement employee training, as quickly as in one day. This LMS fits for both sporadic ad-hoc use and lifelong learning, thanks to the robust set of features for any training task and budget.

Coupled with a free mobile app, rapid tech support, and a powerful authoring tool bundled together, iSpring Learn is a full-fledged environment to level up your onboarding, compliance, and other employee training initiatives.



Employee training software are designed in such a way that it benefits both the employees and the companies. It helps the employees by enhancing their skills with the help of personalized training courses and, on the other hand, benefits the companies by meeting their business goals.

The most effective choice in selecting an employee training software is one that meets your requirements and budget, as well as the one that offers a superior learning experience.

There are many options to pick from, and each one offers an array of benefits based on the level of technical skills, degree of expertise, and the quality of service you want to provide to your employees.

You can avail a free demo from most of this training software to test for a couple of days before finalizing the one that best suits your organisational requirements.

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