38 Best Recruitment Tools for Perfect Hiring in 2024

Recruitment Tools

The HRs and recruitment team needs to develop innovative ideas and technologies for the hiring process to compete with the ongoing candidate-driven market.

There are numerous recruitment tools that the recruiting team can leverage to ease out the recruiting process. These tools make the recruiter’s life easy and enhance the talent acquisition workflow. They can solve the inefficiencies and help you focus on more critical areas in demand. So, why not use it to your advantage?

Recruitment tools play a major role beginning from the applicant tracking system to resume screening, talent mapping, onboarding new employees, and various similar tasks done manually. By using these hiring tools, your company can get potential candidates out of the talent pool, and you can have a streamlined recruitment process. The hiring decisions can be made without bias, and you can get the right fit for your job position in no time.

Let’s dive straightaway into the pool of recruiting tools and technologies, the one-stop recruiting solution for perfect hiring in 2024.

What are Recruitment Tools?

Employees are like the backbone of any company. They have the capability of making or breaking a company, and that is why a proper hiring strategy is very much required in any organization. And for this, the recruitment tools are required as it helps in automating and streamlining the recruitment process, thus enhancing your overall workflow. It is like software or an application used in recruitment to derive benefits and get the desired output.

These sourcing tools act as personal assistants of the HR professionals who assist them in their hiring decisions and can optimize their work with minimal effort. They take care of your entire hiring plan starting from job advertising to the employee’s onboarding.


Advantages of using Recruitment Tools

There has been a phenomenal revolution in the recruitment sector with new advanced modern recruitment tools that provide cutting edges benefits to the hiring process. These hiring tools provide tons of benefits, and some of the advantages are listed below:

Saves Time

Time is money, isn’t it? So, why not use tools that can save you a lot of time. The recruitment tools come in very handy and can reduce the work time to half compared to manual work done by human beings. So, it is always beneficial to use these tools to save your precious time. 

Increases your Accuracy Level 

The use of hiring tools and technologies results in improved accuracy of the results filtered for the recruitment purposes. As we all know, to err is human. Humans are prone to errors in manual work as opposed to machines and tools. You can expect better productivity with zero mistakes and consistent accuracy when using these tools. 

Simplifies your Hiring Process 

The automation feature of the recruitment tools can help you to simplify your hiring plan. It aids the recruiters in finding qualified candidates based on the job requirements. Apart from the automations, the Job ads, job posts, employee referrals, resume screening have come a long way in simplifying the hiring process.

Reduces Cost per Hire 

As per the research, the average cost per hire is around $4,500. But this can be considerably reduced by using effective recruitment tools. Most companies expect their recruiters to hire a potential candidate at a minimum cost. This can be done using internal hiring process or by leveraging recruitment tools to eliminate all the extra expenses.



Top Recruitment Tools for different levels of Recruitment Process

Recruitment is an expensive and continuous cycle involving writing job descriptions or posts to promote the job and also requires close communication with the candidates. So, if leveraging recruiting tools sound good to you, you may consider opting for the same. Here are some of the best tools that you can use in your company for the different stages of the recruitment process.

1. Recruitment Tools for Sourcing

Sourcing can be time consuming and tedious task when done manually. All thanks to the technology, the entire system is revolutionized. You can now target a bunch of potential candidates who are the right fit for the job posts with the help of these sourcing tools.

Using these tools, the recruiters can connect directly with the active and passive candidates and set up filters, making it user-friendly and easily accessible.

Some of the most common sourcing tools are:

RecruitEm logoRecruit’EmFormally known as RecruitIn, this tool has a simple-to-use interface that can give you results with a single button click in seconds. There are a few filters that make the search easy to set up as well
Octo HR logoOctoHROctoHR is a Github for all the recruiters out there. The recruiters can search for a potential candidate based on the candidate’s followers and repositories and best of all, it’s just a google chrome extension
pipl-logoPiplPipl is a great sourcing platform meant to assist recruiters in getting quick information about thier potential candidates. Informations like address, email ids, social media handles, mobile numbers and even education can be found using this tool.
Joveo logoJoveoJoveo is one of the best bets when it comes to sourcing tools. You can buy it and manage your recruitment media as per your requirement. It helps you attract the most relevant candidate in a short time and on a low budget
Wonderkind logoWonderkindJust as the word infers, Wonderkind does wonders in the recruitment industry. It has the potential to attract 5X candidates and promises to serve you with higher-quality candidates using minimum efforts

2. ATS tools for Recruiters

The applicant tracking system, also known as the candidate tracking system, allows you to track an applicant’s applications throughout the recruitment process. You can quickly look through the application and put in comments as per the flow.

You have a myriad of benefits associated with it ranging from automated emails, sending reminders, the status of documents uploaded, and others. It also allows the candidate to have a self-service portal to use readily.

Some of the most common ATS tools used are:

Manatal LogoManatalManatal is an all-in-one applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM built to make all recruiting operations easier and more efficient for agencies and corporate HR departments of different sizes. Alongside being a price leader in the industry, Manatal offers a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required to start. Try Manatal for free.
ismartrecruitiSmartRecruitiSmartRecruit is a free mobile-friendly app and is a must-to-be-used tool for all recruiters because it simplifies the entire hiring process
Zoho LogoZohoZoho allows you to upload the candidate’s files and documents and keeps track of the entire application from the first stage. The assessment tools and reference checking help evaluate the results in seconds
FreshworksFreshworksThe advanced search option of Freshworks helps the recruiters quickly filter candidates and shortlist them as per their requirements with the help of some phrases, keywords, or skillsets
Jobvite logoJobviteJobvite is one of the leading recruitment innovations in this modern-day era. This tool has a candidate-centric recruiting model that helps companies connect and engage with the right candidates and uses automation and intelligence to increase speed
Recruiter BoxRecruiter BoxRecruiter Box is a web-based applicant tracking system that helps streamline the entire hiring process. It also enables the business to handle all types of incoming applications ranging from small to medium-sized
JobsoidJobsoidJobsoid is an Online Applicant Tracking System that offers you a complete recruitment solution for all your recruitment needs. It comes with a host of features – each designed to simplify every step of your hiring process. Jobsoid provides you with a one-stop solution from posting jobs on various job boards to managing the candidate applications you receive.

3. Recruitment Tools for creating Job Descriptions

Writing job posts and job descriptions is not a piece of cake, and it needs a lot of expertise. But with the invention of recruitment tools for this very task, the job has become easy. A good job description is what attracts a good candidate, as it creates a first impression about the job role. 

You can use job description management tools to create an appealing description with proper formatting and styles. These tools give you a number of templates that could be appealing on your company’s portal. It would be best to use this tool to create a job description for your website if you are oblivion of the best practices of doing the same.

Some of the common tools used for creating job descriptions are:

Ongig logoOngigOngig’s job description removes all biases from your job posts, be it gender or racial. It optimizes the text so that you can also engage with the passive candidates.
JDXper LogoJDXpertJDXpert by HRTMS is a software that is designed to create and manage job boards and descriptions. It makes the recruiters’ life easy and also empowers effective talent management
Hireology LogoHireologyHireology is one such software that provides all-in-one hiring and recruitment plans. It decentralizes the entire business and collaborates with all the team members to make it a modern workforce with a suite of hiring tools
hrsg_logoCompetency CoreCompetency Core by HRSG is an AI-powered software that puts competencies in all types of businesses, be it a small, medium-sized, or large ones. They work smartly and tackle all the foundational HR challenges
adp_workforce_nowADP Workforce NowADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based HR suite that features Human Resource Management and time management very efficiently. It helps in managing the workforce along with making data-driven decisions

4. Recruitment Tools for Managing Social Media Engagements

Social media recruitment is one of the top-notch recruitment strategies followed by most companies. However, the most significant disadvantage of it is that it takes a lot of time to create everything from scratch. With the advent of recruitment tools, this task has become effortless. There is numerous recruitment software that can automate all the manual work in one go. 

These tools can help you to create and manage social media campaigns effortlessly. It provides performance analytics to the recruiters who can analyze the data and can work on the same to enhance their productivity.

Some of the common tools used for managing social media engagements are:

Buffer LogoBufferBuffer is the most flexible tool to reach out to multiple people in the world of social media recruitment. You can post, engage, analyze, and celebrate once you get the right fit for your company
Hootsuite LogoHootsuiteYou can use Hootsuite platform to schedule posts automatically with a few clicks and simultaneously share the same across all social media platforms
sprout social logoSprout SocialSprout Social is an all-in-one powerful social media tool that unlocks the true potential of social media and transforms all the marketing strategies along with other areas. It has been a leader in usability, customer support, and many specializations
agorapulse logoAgora PulseAgora Pulse helps you manage your social media platforms using the default unified Agorapulse’s inbox available in this tool. It has a 30-min response time and has top-rated support on G2Crowd
Bamboo HR LogoBamboo HRThe Bamboo HR recruitment tool has been rated as the top software by most companies when it comes to social media recruitment. It provides online HR software that simplifies the entire hiring process and is a must-try tool for every company that uses recruitment tools

5. Recruitment Tools for Onboarding 

The real work for any recruiters starts after hiring a new candidate in the organisation. It’s important to keep your employees engaged during their onboarding period, otherwise there is a high possibility of losing them in no time. Organizations need to focus on candidate experience for the first few days to ensure the candidates have a smooth onboarding.

Recruitment tools for onboarding can smoothen the onboarding documentation and other formalities. These tools can take up every responsibility of a new member from the day they sign the employment contract and there is no need for manual intervention; these tools take care of everything.

Some of the common recruitment tools for onboarding are:

Avature Onboarding logoAvatureAvature Onboarding is a cloud-based platform that has 24/7 support and is ideal for companies with employee count of 5000 and above. It is a customizable software that can be tweaked as per your requirement
BizMerlin logoBizMerlinBizMerlin software provides you with all the documents containing the employee records and the organization’s records. It is a simple and user-friendly tool that comes in handy for time-consuming admin tasks
boardon logoBoardonBoardon helps you create microlearning nuggets for the orientation and introduction. It enhances the onboarding and preboarding of the candidate and strives to give a good candidate experience
Chief OnboardingChief OnboardingChief Onboarding basically works on making the onboarding process agile, flexible, and easily implementable. It is a kind of self-service portal that manages all the tasks efficiently
Able logoAbleteamsAble provides a fully-featured onboarding automation system that can help hiring firms ensure that all applicants get the best onboarding experience. Their cloud-based, mobile-first technology makes screening as well as hiring candidates a breeze for all parties involved.
wisnio logoWisnioWisnio is a talent analytics tool that helps team leaders evaluate how each candidate would complement their team and impact the culture of the organization. It supports the onboarding process by helping new hires establish strong working relationships with the team.

6. Recruitment Tools for Video Interviewing 

If you’re aiming to screen more applicants faster and more efficiently, you must consider video interview solutions. Employers and HR professionals are utilizing these applications to streamline and speed up their hiring processes.

Prior to the pandemic, a research study showed that the video-based technology was utilized by about 60 percent of HR managers and recruitment professionals. In the year that has just passed an HR survey of executives found that as high as 86% of businesses are using video technology to conduct interviews with candidates.

There are several recruitment tools available now that are capable in enhancing the video interviewing process. Hiring teams rely on these tools to ease scheduling conflicts and reduce the cost and time involved in scheduling a one-on-one interview. Most big companies have started to deploy these tools in their recruitment process and we can expect a higher percentage of acceptance in the coming years.

Some of the recruitment tools for video interviewing are:

Vidcruiter logoVidCruiterVidCruiter is a market leader in the field of video interviewing. They not only have an extensive solution that allows both recorded and live interviews, but they also provide solutions for scheduling interviews, hosting virtual events, tracking applicants and assessment
myinterview logoMyInterviewmyInterview can reduce the time to hire by as much as 60 percent. The AI and ML involved in this tool can help scan the most prospective candidate from a collection of submitted video interviews
Spark Hire logoSparkHireSparkHire the most trusted tool used by all organizations across the globe when it comes to video interviewing. It promises to ace up the speed of resume screening five times manifold
XOR LogoXORXOR provides a complete candidate short-lising solution using the power of Artificial Intelligence. You can conduct live or on-demand interviews using this tool and can also use it’s AI chatbot to filter thousands of applicants
Avature Onboarding logoAvatureAvature’s video interviewing solution for enterprises allows you to conduct live and on demand interviews with ease. It also allows for scheduling interviews for group, one-on-one or panel interviews

7. Chatbot Tools for Recruitment 

Chatbots can save you time by handling as high as 80 percent of common questions in just a few minutes. This is especially beneficial considering that nearly half of applicants are dissatisfied with an employer if they don’t receive an answer within two weeks of submitting an application. Additionally, 31% of applicants want a personalized message that chatbots can curate using existing information, machine learning, and natural processing of language to create interactions that are customized.

Chatbots can also assist in all kinds of administrative tasks like collecting information, screening questions, scheduling interviews, and various similar actions.

Some of the common chatbot tools used for recruitment process are:

Olivia chatbot logoOliviaOlivia is used by some of the best brands in the world, and it can do all kinds of stuff, ranging from scheduling interviews, sending reminders, answering questions in different language and many similar actions
Humanly logoHumanlyHumanly’s HR chatbot that is designed for professional volume and early-career hiring is simple, customized and easy to implement. With its chatbot, you can automate tasks such as screening, scheduling, engagement, and references checks
XOR LogoXORXOR’s chatbot tool encompasses a wide range of features such as reaching out to potential candidates using their preferred channels, automating the tasks and managing communications directly
Brazen LogoBrazenBrazen’s chatbot to recruit allows you to save time by allowing live chats with candidates who are qualified at anytime and anyplace. One of the standout characteristics is that the chatbot offers candidates responses not just in text, but also in video
ideal chatbotIdealIdeal uses AI for resume screening and shortlisting with consistent accuracy. It’s a great chatbot for recruiting that allows you to ask questions and assess the competence of a candidate by the responses and assist you in screening suitable candidates


Voila! you can now try the above-mentioned tools and see the results in your recruitment process. These tools can help ace up your recruitment process, be it job openings, video interview software, resume screening, or other hiring tasks. Everything can be done with a single click of a button.

The best part of these tools is that some of them have a free trial period in which you can run and test the software and see if it meets your organization’s expectations.

Let us know if you have any tool names that you think we should include in this list.

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