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Human Resource professionals plays a vital role in developing, strengthening and changing the culture of an organisation because you are responsible for the following:

HR Responsibilities

These and many more are the areas where the HR professionals need to be prepared to handle various challenging situations in the organisations efficiently.

HR Shelf is an initiative by Merin Anil, who’s an HR by profession and has got her MBA in Human Resource from Christ College, Bangalore. She has a great passion for the HR profession and has always believed in sharing her knowledge with friends and colleagues. Thus, came the idea to start this platform so that she can reach a larger audience.

What are the various topics covered in HRShelf?

Retaining exisiting talentRecruitmentEmployee Productivity
Employee TrainingEmployee Health & SafetyWorkforce Diversity
Organisational BehaviourHR OutsourcingHR Payroll
Employee GrievanceHR Technology

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