Top 10 Highest Paying HR Jobs in 2024

Highest Paying HR Jobs

Human Resource (HR) as a profession has risen in stature and demand across the globe over the past few years. These jobs can lead you to a lucrative career, as some of the highest paying HR jobs are also equally rewarding in professional development and job satisfaction.

Jobs in human resources department are exciting, fulfilling as well as energetic. The jobs in HR can give you a gratifying career if you are someone who likes to seek out talented people, organize them into teams and at the same time also motivate and challenge them.

The current pandemic has revealed the importance of the human resource (HR) as the frontline department, leading the efforts of the organization to facilitate employees. The HR profession now requires new ways of working in the organizations that creates sustainability for organizations and their people.

Now, before we dive into the details of the HR jobs with highest salary, below are some of the primary activities that the HR professionals undertake:

  • Manpower planning
  • Job analysis
  • Employee Sourcing and Recruitment
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Building Industrial relations
  • Safety and health

Let’s get to know the job descriptions of possible HR career paths with average salaries that you can undertake based on a degree in the HR field:

Highest Paid HR Jobs

1. Employment, Recruitment and Placement Manager

Average salary per annum – $45,929

This title is given to those HR professionals who are responsible for hiring new employees to the organization. Their primary activities include the following:

  • Shortlisting recruitment sources and platforms
  • Screening candidates who are qualified
  • Finally deciding which candidates to hire

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In order to understand the requirements of different departments, the recruitment and placement managers have to communicate constantly with the department managers. These recruitment managers are generally guided by the HR managers or senior level directors.

In addition to working with hiring managers of different departments, the placement managers should also have good interviewing skills and an instinct to identify high-quality potential employee.

These managers earn an average salary of $45,929 per annum. In India, the average salary for this position is around Rs. 5,00,000 per annum.

Recruiter salary

2. International HR Associate

Average salary per annum – $56,129

An International Human Resource associate, as the title suggests is responsible for global HR operations. He / she taking up this role can perform the HR generalist tasks in the organization such as job posting, application screening, compensation packages and reviewing benefits, etc. at an international level.

The difference between an HR associate at a regional level and the one at an international level is that the international HR associate is expected to have a good knowledge of the job markets across the globe, while the former can focus only on the local market.


Quite obvious, the pay scale of international associate is marginally higher than that of their local associate colleagues. Multilingual speakers or those who have lived in different countries can have an advantage is grabbing this job position.

The international HR associate can earn an average salary of $56,129 per annum. In India, the average salary for this position is around Rs. 4,65,000 per annum.

International HR associate salary

3. Employee Relations Specialist

Average salary per annum – $61,267

The Employee Relations specialists are meant to act as a bridge between the labor unions and management in large organizations.

Also known as Labor Relations specialists they are expected to be proficient in subject matters related to local, state and national labor issues, so that they can come up with employment contracts that adheres to the labor regulations and demand. These specialists are also expected to represent their company in case of any legal action or issues pertaining to public relations.

In order to excel as labor relations specialists, you will need to have good knowledge of industry laws and labor politics. Some of the other must have skills include negotiating skills, communication skills and ability to read, write and interpret legal documents.

The employee relations specialists can earn an average salary of $61,267 per annum. In India, the average salary for this position is around Rs. 4,55,000 per annum.

Employee relations specialist salary

4. Executive Recruiter

Average salary per annum – $67,276

The Executive recruiters, also commonly referred to as headhunters are responsible for recruitment process by finding candidates who can fit into senior executive vacancies available in the company. These recruiters are expected to have good knowledge about their industry so that they can convince prospects employed at other companies to come and join their organization.

The role of executive recruiters is a high-responsibility work as it requires some amount of efforts in planning to bring a senior level professional from their current company to the competitor company.

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Interviewing candidates with appropriate skill and cultural match is just one part of their tasks. These recruiters also need to present the perfect candidates to the organization seeking to hire them.

This HR role can be incredibly profitable as those who are successful in finding suitable candidates for the executive positions can enjoy a handsome remuneration. They get their pay on a retainer basis and in full when the candidate is presented to the organization. They can also get a portion or a percentage of the hired executive’s first year compensation.

The executive recruiter can earn an average salary of $67,276 per annum. In India, the median salary for this position is around Rs. 4,50,000 per annum.

Executive recruiter salary

5. Human Resources Manager

Average salary per annum – $67,948

A Human Resource manager is a generalist who acts as a link between the executives in the corporate level and the directors. They need to ensure that all the procedures within the company are complaint with its policies and business laws.

In addition, the Human Resources manager also oversees staffing, benefits, employee relations, training, compensation and other aspects of an organization’s HR department. Having effective time management skills and good communication are vital for this role as they have to handle multiple HR components.

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An MBA in HR management is not compulsory in getting an entry-level job in this position; however, having specialized certifications can improve your possibility of getting shortlisted for an interview call. If you have the required competencies and knowledge with four to five years of industry experience, organizations won’t hesitate to offer you lucrative pay for the HR Manager position.

HR Managers earn an average annual salary of $67,948 with minimum 5 years of experience. In India, the median salary for this position is around Rs. 7,10,000 per annum.

HR manager salary

6. HR Consultant

Average salary per annum – $74,523

The Human Resource consultants are responsible for analyzing the organization’s HR situation and help corporate managers to devise solutions to any issues that the company may face. These can include framing of policies, employment structures, performance incentives, benefit packages, etc.

The HR consultants usually work on a contract basis. They are seen as independent experts who provides apt solutions to the organization’s HR related problems.

Analyzing an organization’s HR situation and providing recommendations that can help the organization to achieve maximum advantage is the major role of an HR consultant.

These consultants generally have years of experience in the HR work and should be well competent with wide range of human resource skills. They earn an average salary of $74,523 per annum for five to nine years of experience. In India, you can earn up to Rs. 4,00,000 per annum working with a private HR consulting company. You can expect to get higher package as you take up more projects.

HR consultant salary

7. Training and Development Manager

Average salary per annum – $76,903

The training and development managers within the HR department are responsible for all aspects of employee’s education, training and career development. Their job includes activities ranging from conducting training programs and orientation sessions for new recruits to providing personal and professional development courses to existing employees, helping them build their career within the organization.

These HR professionals are responsible for developing any materials for staff, such as manuals and booklets. Meetings are also held by them to motivate employees as well as understand their interests.

A good communication skill is very much required here, as lot of interactions are done by the training and development managers with the external trainers, agencies as well as experts.

Apart from all these, a good knowledge of regulatory procedures and compliance requirements within the company is desired here, so that you can keep your employees updated.

Training and development managers earn an annual salary of $76,903 with 5 to 8 years of experience. In India, the median salary for this position is around Rs. 7,75,000 per annum.

Training and development manager salary

8. Compensation and Benefits Manager

Average salary per annum – $87,957

The compensation and benefits managers are responsible for preparation and implementation of compensation and benefits programs for their company employees. This includes planning to synchronize the organization’s budget constraints along with the worker’s demand. The final goal being creation of a salary structure that attracts new talents and retention the existing employees.

These employees are expected to have a thorough understanding of pay and perks, various allowances, insurance, pension, company policies as well as employment and compensation laws. Some of the big MNC corporations are also making it necessary for these managers to have a basic understanding of strategic management as well.

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Some of the factors that are considered while developing the compensation and benefits plan includes the likes of economic conditions of a region, political and social environment, acceptable living standards and also the competitor company’s paying capacity.

Compensation and benefits managers are expected to have minimum 5 years of experience in the field and earn an annual salary of $87,957. In India, the median salary for this position is around Rs. 12,75,000 per annum.

Compensation and benefits manager salary

9. HR Director

Average salary per annum – $89,011

A Human Resources Director is the person responsible for all HR activity within the organization. It is one of the most senior level positions in any company and includes various tasks like creating company-wide policies on hiring employees, compensation, promotion, retention, termination, insurance, etc.

For larger companies, their duties also include studying the industry and designing the overall compensation system that can attract new talents as well as retain the existing employees. As per of the upper management team, they are also involved in framing programs and benefits plans that can help in getting their employees motivated and work hard towards the organizational goals.

HR directors generally have more than a decade of experience in the HR field, and may get into this role after being promoted from an HR manager position.

HR directors in large MNC organizations are generally highly paid and can earn an average salary of $89,011 per annum. In India, the average salary for this position is around Rs. 27,50,000 per annum.

HR director salary

10. Chief HR Officer / Vice President of Human Resources

Average salary per annum – $150,887

The Vice President of Human Resource is also sometimes referred to as Chief HR Officer (CHRO). They are in charge of all human resources management activities including the policies and goals within the organization. The CHRO reports directly to the CEO, as he or she is the part of the executive management team and are closely involved with the strategic planning of the organization.

Apart from the HR director, the CHRO also looks into every aspect of the HR department from recruitment to training & development, employee benefits, contracts, policy creation, labor relations, etc.

The Chief HR Officer needs to have at least one to two decades of prior experience in high responsibility corporate HR positions.

If you dream of reaching this level in your career, then you should focus on building strong judgmental as well as decision-making skills right from the start of your career.

The CHRO’s are the most highly paid professionals in the Human Resource department and can earn an average salary of $150,887 per annum. In India, the average salary for this position is around Rs. 48,18,500 per annum.

CHRO salary



In conclusion, now that you are aware of the human resources salaries based on various HR positions, you can use the information provided above to identify any skill gaps you have and work towards it to reach greater heights in your career.

Although, salary is not the only factor that can determine the job satisfaction, it can be treated as one of the important factors contributing to the selection of many available career choices.

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