6 Global HR Experts Teamed up to Discuss Life after COVID-19

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The WOW Group is going to conduct a large-scale online conference on the 4th of June this year. The program, which is termed as WOWHR GLOBAL CONFERENCE: RESTART after COVID-19, will be showcasing the top Human Resource trend setters from USA, UK and Singapore. They will be sharing their vision on the following topics:

  • what will be happening to the world after COVID-19
  • what new trends we will be facing
  • how to re-activate company workflow after the pandemic
  • what types of leadership are needed to lead teams in the current state of the world
  • what kind of corporate culture and mindset will help the world to stabilise



There are going to be 6 influential global HR speakers, who will be sharing their vision on actual HR issues at the conference. The details are as below:

Speaker 1Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Dean of Josh Bersin Academy

Topic – The big reset: HR priorities during crisis

Speaker 2Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Topic – Transformation of functions in HR to deliver value

Speaker 3David Yan, AI & HR analytics expert, Founder of ABBYY, Co-founder of Yva.ai

Topic – Formal vs Informal Leaders: who is the driving force of your organization?

Speaker 4Linda Sharkey, Transformational expert, author, speaker, and global leadership development coach

Topic – Leadership & culture transformation

Speaker 5Jaclyn Lee, Chief Human Resources Officer at the Singapore University of Technology and Design and a Senior Fellow in HR Analytics and Technology

Topic – HR strategy: how will the model of people management change when we overcome the covid crisis

Speaker 6Lucy Adams, CEO of Disruptive HR, Ex-HR Director at the BBC

Topic – New skills and mindset for leaders and HR teams of future

The topics mentioned above are as important as ever and will be of great use to many organizations in the times ahead. The companies will need to reorient themselves towards a more conservative workflow approach. As that involves a lot of new challenges, companies will need to undergo transformations and evolve to adapt to the new conditions.

Schedule for the WOWHR GLOBAL CONFERENCE – June 4th, 2020. Starting at 12 PM UTC +3.

You can reserve your seats at the link: https://clck.ru/NWe9c or call at: +442038078676

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