Employer Branding Best Practices for Campus Recruitment

Employer branding best practices

The talent acquisition teams in most organizations now comprehend the significance of employer branding. However, creating the most effective employer branding strategies is something numerous associations actually battle to get right. Due to this, most companies fail to get the right talent from the campus recruitment drive. The candidates, too, don’t give much importance to those companies whose employer branding is less attractive.

There is no such hard and fast rule to be followed while creating employer branding plans. Instead, it is an assortment of several essential hints that could help you get it right. These plans are classified into three main categories – planning, execution, and optimization. If the organization creates the strategies using these tips, they are sure to succeed in one go, while recruiting from colleges.

Employer Branding is an organization’s capability to separate and elevate the identity of a particular set of candidates that they are keen on hiring. According to the research from papirfly, 84% of the job seekers consider company reputation as an essential parameter in their decision to join. A negative reputation can cost companies a further 10% per hire.

Employer Branding, if done correctly, sets you on the excursion to finding possibilities that fit with your association’s aspirations and goals. The companies that get a vast majority of the best talent in their organization have one thing right, i.e., employer branding. So, it’s essential to put a lot of effort into the employer branding strategies to help the organization achieve its goals quickly. A significant part of the employee value proposition communicates its identity to current and prospective employees. Let us dive more into the best practices of employment branding for campus recruitment.


Why is Employer Branding Important?

Employer Branding is a crucial factor in attracting and hiring new employees. It creates a long-lasting impression on the talent acquisition efforts. The majority of the candidates appear for the positions listed by the company that manages the employer brand actively.

It is necessary to make the employer brand stand out in this competitive market and succeed. In this massive world of competition, marketing professionals know how important it is for the company to retain and serve its customers for an extended period. So, if you want to have the best candidates, ensure that you have suitable HRs and marketing professionals who can promote and enhance your employer branding. They should know how important brand awareness is for the organization.

Top 10 Employer Branding Best Practices for Campus Recruitment

An organization must deploy the best employer branding practices to stand out in the market. One should not just focus on hiring the best candidates out of the talent pool but rather try to keep them for long. Now that companies are trying to get more candidates from college using remote college recruiting, it has become even more important to enhance the organisation’s brand image to attract the best talents. Some of the best practices that the company must inculcate are as follows:

1. Clearly define your Company’s mission, vision, and values

If you want to create a potent brand, the first step is to ask these questions – What does the company stand for? What is its value? What is its mission? Discovering the company’s value is a primary factor for building the employer brand. The company’s vision, mission, and values should be clear and explicit. It should be well-communicated to the employee through employee branding strategies. First, understanding the company’s requirements and then going back to fill those requirements with the right talent is the need of the hour.

Employer branding

2. Develop a Great Career site

Whenever an employee reviews the company’s career site, they get a clear picture of its brand. So, one should never ruin the brand by putting in the week-long job description. Instead, companies should try to put in something exciting to attract potential candidates. Good testimonials, employee stories, and videos can go a long way in creating that positive impact in the employee’s mind. The website should be mobile optimized because maximum candidates browse for a job on their smartphones itself. It should be easily navigable to give all the company’s insights.

3. Be active on Social Media channels

Social media creates an enormous impact on how people perceive things. Studies reported that a strong employer brand could attract 75% of the qualified candidates and pique the interest of junior employees looking for a job. So, it is crucial to be an active member of all the social media channels for a holistic branding approach. Being active on social media is one of the important campus recruitment strategies to attract the best talents for your organisation.  It could help you get a deeper insight into how your brand is viewed.


4. Use your Employer Brand to highlight your company culture

The employer brand should highlight the company’s culture and the organization should be able to communicate the same effectively. The brand should display a good working environment where the candidates will be potentially working. If the organization offers quirky perks and fun office culture, the brand should definitely showcase that. The fun stuff is more engaging and eye-catching. The company should involve their employees to share why they love working for that company and their personal experiences. A good company culture could act as a catalyst for candidate attraction.

5. Make your Employee Onboarding Process smooth

Onboarding is the first step of a new hire, and it should be smooth and flexible. If the onboarding process is smooth, you will attract more candidates. Nobody likes to go over complex and complicated procedures in today’s time. More than 60% of the applicants quit in the middle of the application process because they are reluctant to churn through the long haul.

Employer branding

When everything is available at one click of a button, who would like to go over the documentation manually. One small negative impression can have several repercussions. So, planning the onboarding is key to getting a positive outcome.

6. Use Diverse channels to highlight your Brand

In order to establish the audience persona, you should have a clear understanding of the channels that could connect you with the prospective talent. Choosing diverse channels to market and highlight your brand is necessary. Everything should be pre-planned in advance while selecting the proper channels, be it a career page on the official website, paid ads, blog posts, or social media. High-quality content will help in tailoring and targeting the right audience effectively.


7. Develop Meaningful Career ladder with Training Programs

Nowadays, people are rampantly shifting to new job roles because of the monotonous work life. Everyone is willing to explore new things and upskill themselves rather than rotting in the same place. In such cases, the company should develop some meaningful training programs for their employees. They should allow them to pursue innovative technologies and be competent to the new joiners. It would help create more valuable employees and increase retention rates. In both states, it is a win-win situation for the company.

8. Showcase how you Reward your Employee Efforts

It may sound like a bit of jargon first, but in reality, it is not. A candidate believes and trusts an employee three times more than an employer. So, keeping the employees happy is equally important because they form a large part of the employer brand. According to survey reports, rewarding your employees with awards, unique policies, short-term and long-term benefits, monetary compensation, and others can go a long way. This could showcase how the company rewards its potential employees and could also help in lowering the attrition rate. So, if you have not thought about it yet, you better start working on it at the earliest.

Employer branding

9. Focus on Benefits & well-being offered within your company

The key attraction for all the employees is the perks and benefits provided by the company. The company must reward their employees whenever they achieve any milestones. The company should try to keep their employees happy and satisfied. If the employees are happy, the clients are happy. If the clients are happy, the company is optimistic. Eventually, it will help to generate greater revenue in the long run. So, the real investment of the company is in employees’ well-being and happiness.     


10. Try to achieve good reviews of your company in Glassdoor & Indeed

In this modern world of technology, every customer scrutinizes the online reviews and ratings of the particular product they wish to buy. Similarly, candidates scrutinize the job applications they wish to apply for. The only difference is, instead of reading reviews on Amazon, Flipkart, they tend to divert to social media and other websites like Glassdoor, Indeed that could help them get the real scoop of the companies. More than 80% of the candidates opt for this methodology to make their career decision. So, it is necessary to have complimentary reviews on such websites to attract prospective candidates.


It is necessary to build trust and loyalty with the present employees. As per research, 86% of job seekers would never apply for a company that has a bad reputation with their former employees. So, in such cases, the organization should deploy the employer branding best practices. They should market their company compellingly to all the job seekers and the present workforce. The testimonials of the working employees could pave a long way in attracting the new joiners; the more, the merrier. Organizations should put extra efforts into creating such testimonials.

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