Top 13 Campus Recruitment Software

Campus Recruitment Software

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘campus recruitment’ among students to professors alike; it is a topic of much discussion. Students pick colleges depending on their campus recruitment rates, and the ranking of a university or college depends on it. This leads us to question what the term ‘campus recruitment’ denotes and why it is a deciding factor. 

Campus recruitment is the process of enticing and engaging with university students to hire them after they graduate, eventually. This is accomplished in various ways, including employer branding, organizing specialized recruiting events, social media, university partnerships, and campus recruitment software.

What is campus recruitment software?

Campus Recruitment Software is a tool used by recruiters to make the recruitment process in campus more efficient. Every year, companies use campus recruitment softwares to find young new talent for various positions throughout the organization. You no longer have to scour for talent, but the skill comes to you. These software streamlines the entire process, making it easier to hire.

The labour market is highly constrained. Most businesses are concerned there isn’t sufficient talent, or they can’t source them effectively. But that problem will soon become redundant with the introduction of newer SaaS products in the market. 

As a result of the digital revolution, how work is done is changing. It is estimated that 85% of jobs that you will find in 2030 don’t exist in the market today. And the latest generation of workers, recognized as the possibly best-educated generation, is graduating with their own values and priorities regarding work, employers, and other issues.


How do you do campus recruitment?

While we understand the necessity of campus recruitment, we can employ a few strategies while recruiting on-campus.

How to do campus recruitment

1. Determine your priority campuses

With thousands of universities across the Globe, it would take many resources to get involved with each one. Choose which colleges you want to visit. This can be determined by looking at the most common institutions from which your current employees come, considering the proximity of your offices to campuses, or targeting colleges that figure prominently in programs for which you would like to recruit.

2. Post job openings on the university’s career website

Many universities are migrating to campus recruitment software, but some may still maintain their career pages. Learn what institutions you’re interested in the use, and then post jobs in the industry and on-campus events to their website.

3. Create a communication strategy

To begin communicating with students, devise a strategy for contacting and attracting more applicants. Consider using an RSVP list for a campus event, looking for students who could be interested, accumulating resumes at a career fair, organizing a booth on campus, and gathering information of interested students.

4. Maintain consistency

Although it can be a very profitable pipeline, campus recruiting takes time and effort. Every year and semester, thousands of new students enrol at a university. Maintain consistent relationships with career centres, teaching staff, administration, and clubs to stay at the top of students’ minds. Creating a solid brand with students can be critical in the coming years as these students will enter the workforce looking for new opportunities.


Why are companies moving to campus recruitment software?

Campus recruitment software includes automation options and a slew of other features that eliminate necessary paperwork and manual intervention, resulting in a significant reduction in the time required to complete tasks. You can speed up the recruiting process at each campus you visit. Campus Hiring also involves mass hiring. Imagine many students, a large amount of information, and a short period to decide. This entails processing a large amount of information in a short period, with no room for error. This is where campus recruitment software comes in handy. It can process large amounts of data quickly and without error.

In 2022, there is no time to stay redundant. So, to help you out, here is a list of the top 13 campus recruiting softwares.

Top 13 Campus Recruitment Software

1. HireVue


HireVue is a digital recruiting firm that uses video intelligence in its interviews to find the best talent for its clients. The recruitment teams from leading investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley are among their clients. Banks and accounting firms (such as Deloitte) frequently use HireVue interviews to find the right candidate faster while maintaining the banks’ quality.

HireVue sends the user questions that they will have to respond to via video. Candidates get 30 seconds to prepare before recording and submitting their response, ranging from 90 seconds to three minutes (depending on the questions). HireVue then transcribes the answers and assigns the user a score, which is used to rank you compared to the other applicants. It also analyses the user’s facial expressions, body language and movement, voice inflection, and various video data points. Many companies are now using Hirevue instead of first-round live interviews.

2. Brazen


Brazen’s campus recruitment platform is used by Fortune 100 companies to make meaningful connections with students and graduates. You can expand your candidate reach to more than just the campuses you can visit in person with Brazen’s virtual hiring software that lets you screen, interview, hire and onboard. The solution includes functionality to host your own virtual career fair as well as tools for video interviewing, live chatting with candidates, sourcing new talent, and much more.

In addition to Brazen’s virtual solutions, they also offer tools to help optimize in-person career fairs and events. The platform lets recruiters screen candidates and schedule interviews prior to campus visits, saving valuable time. Brazen’s campus recruitment software helps reduce your cost per hire and decrease the time needed to fill open positions.

3. Mettl


Mettl is a software platform for online assessments, recruitment, exams, certifications, and proctored exams. It can perform cognitive checks, manage recruitment and teaching, and administer highly secure digital exams. The software includes psychometric, competence, coding, and domain tests to assess an individual’s personality, reasoning, and technical prowess.

Mettl also employs Artificial Intelligence to assess sales competencies and evaluate speech nuances (AI). Mettl uses cutting-edge HR technologies for recruiting and training. It includes modules such as HireTRACK that help to standardize the hiring processes and make online assessments more seamless. Additionally, it has video interview tools and handles full-service campus hiring.

4. Adaface


Adaface helps companies find the best candidates by screening them for on-the-job skills. Adaface pre-employment tests offer accurate shortlisting because they focus on relevant challenges as opposed to trick questions.

Adaface offers a comprehensive online assessment solution with aptitude tests, coding tests & personality tests. Companies can use custom tests to find the most well suited candidates for their open roles. The questions on each test are non-googleable, and there are proctoring features in place to prevent candidates from cheating on tests.

5. Yello


Yello is a campus recruitment software and recruitment operations solution provider for enterprise and fast-growing companies, assisting employers in building strong brands and hiring top talent quickly.

Yello is determined to make recruiting teams enjoy their jobs. They are an award-winning talent acquisition marketing and operations platform that manages the entire candidate lifecycle, from campus and recruiting events to interview scheduling. Yello’s talent acquisition system links applicants to employees while offering insight and metrics to help recruiters improve their productivity.


6. Xobin


Companies that want to solve their recruitment issues by screening Engineering, Marketing, Sales, or Management talent with skill-based evaluations can use Xobin.

Xobin is an error-free assessment software that can be used for pre-employment testing, technical expertise testing, and psychometric testing. Using the Xobin online assessment platform, companies can optimize the recruitment life cycle from skills screening to video interviews and cultural fit evaluation. Aptitude tests, coding tests, and psychometric tests offered by Xobin are helpful for organizations looking to structure their hiring process. The platform includes over 800 valid and reliable pre-hire skills assessments.

7. Avature


Avature ATS is an applicant tracking system (ATS) customized for recruitment firms to help with candidate data management, training, and hiring.

The interview scheduling feature of Avature ATS assists recruiters in managing workflow by task scheduling using a calendar. Hiring managers can use this feature to schedule time slots and send interview details to candidates via email. Recruiters can timetable interviews with hiring managers and candidates directly from the user interface and conduct extensive candidate screenings and evaluations. It includes screening and evaluation tools that enable recruiters to gather responses from hiring managers and generate assessment profiles for candidates in the pipeline. The solution also aids in developing offer letters for the selected candidates.

8. Vervoe


Vervoe works with organizations that want to improve the efficiency of their hiring process by focusing on skills and attitude.

Vervoe’s mission is to make hiring based on merit rather than the background. They assist employers in making recruitment decisions based on how well applicants can do the job, rather than how good they appear on paper. Vervoe provides an alternative to the old school hiring process with skills assessments and allows each candidate to demonstrate their talent by performing job-related tasks. After which, machine learning models automatically rank candidates based on their performance.


9. Talview


Talview provides a comprehensive online assessment solution that allows companies to administer various skill-based and cognitive exams while being protected by AI-led remote proctoring. The answer is highly scalable, ideal for high-volume tests, and works flawlessly on all mobile devices. This also helps in remote recruiting in college, where companies are able to increase its global capabilities in places where campus visits aren’t feasible.

Organizations seeking to evaluate candidates’ competencies and skills can use Talview’s highly specific pre-employment tests. Recruitment agencies can efficiently conduct pre-hire tests on a large scale and create personalized online assessments such as coding tests, multiple-choice questions, personality, aptitude, multifaceted STEM, and more. Furthermore, the tests are device and secure and have powerful remote proctoring to prevent cheating.

10. Superset


Superset is the first official campus recruitment platform in India.

Superset was founded to consolidate and democratize India’s graduate hiring system by engaging students and employers alike through having a common platform for college placement. The company assists universities in streamlining end-to-end placement processes and provides employers with a single point of contact to reach out to fresh recruits and young talent. In addition, it allows students to find the jobs of their choice quickly.

11. Freshteam


Freshteam is a cloud-based HR and applicant tracking solution offered by Freshworks.

Freshteam attracts top talent through various channels, including a quickly buildable career site, assimilation with multiple free and premium job boards, and social media channels. The software can also assess emails, making it simple to acknowledge emails from job boards or vendors and add them to the candidate pool. Once the candidates have been received, the recruiting team can work with hiring managers to monitor and interview them, offer feedback and make comments for each other, engage and extend offers to the best candidates.

12. GR8 People

Gr8 People

GR8 People is a career recruitment software that increases recruiter effectiveness throughout the hiring life cycle, leading to more efficient talent acquisition. The platform is cohesive and seamless, with virtual recruiting events, text recruiting, staff referral, internal mobility, and orientation and training solutions, as well as a 360-degree view of every talent data point. Over 250 enterprise customers in over 75 countries use GR8 People to enhance hiring performance, skill, and business intelligence drastically.

13. Rakuna

Gr8 People

Rakuna is a total recruiting software solution provider with specialized tools to support employers in their campus recruitment operations, whether it is in-person career fairs or virtual recruitment. Recruiting teams from all company sizes can use Rakuna to tackle tedious recruiting admin tasks like resume processing, candidate evaluation collection, bulk personalized outreach to candidates via texts or emails, or interview scheduling.

With Rakuna Recruit Mobile App,  recruiters can immediately capture candidates’ resume data with their mobile devices through Rakuna’s powerful OCR technology and have all candidates’ information available on a digital dashboard with robust searching and filtering functions for maximum screening efficiency. Rakuna’s self-check-in Kiosk mode, offline functionality features, and customizable evaluation forms will ensure career fair recruiters have all possible advantages when collecting comprehensive data of talents from offline events. With Rakuna Event & Campus Recruiting Software, recruiters can always conclude a recruiting event with automated post-event messages to enhance candidate experiences.



Today, the hiring and training process has become more streamlined and efficient. With a highly educated and competent workforce, campus recruitment software help companies streamline the entire process and ensures that they hire the best in the market. These tools will keep you up to date on everything while also making you look great in front of your candidates.

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