Importance and Benefits of College Internships

Importance of college Internships

In this highly competitive world, simply having a decent degree may not be good enough to secure a graduate job offer. In order to build a successful career, you must have relevant work experience, which is equivalent to your degree certificate as well as the test results.

College internships have become a fundamental method to assist students to stand out amongst the others in a highly competitive job market. Several colleges and institutes emphasize and give precedence to internships as a part of the student’s learning curve. Some internships may also provide you with a stipend, while some may not. But the work experience will be common for all, and you will have a lot of things on your plate to learn.

We will discuss here all that you would like to know about college internships, which is an inexplicable part of the recruitment process, the value of internships, and why interning at an organization could be the fundamental start for your career development.

What is an Internship?

The term Internship refers to an official program imparted by organizations to provide practical work experience to a fresher, be it a student or a recent graduate. The concept of interns working in an organization at a modest stipend began long back but has significantly evolved in recent times.

It was considered to be a give-and-take task. An organization would hire young individuals and teach them their skills and businesses. In return, the trainee would agree to work for them for a stipulated time. And after learning and gaining work experience, the smart people would find themselves a better job elsewhere.

But in recent times, resumes that have a relevant work history are the ones that are shortlisted first, be it real job experience, volunteering tasks, or interning at an organization. Practical work background creates a vast difference when entering the job market. So, the most advantageous present course of action is to work as an intern and get the required exposure and skills before attempting to get into the competitive job world.


Why are internships important?

An internship is an important parameter to assess your professional growth. It presents you with age new expertise and opportunities that you would not receive otherwise. You may learn character growth in terms of personal qualities like integrity, commitment, and self-encouragement. The learning curve here for a student is not just restricted to technical knowledge. Instead, it is an assortment of various other skill sets that open doors to opportunities during the college recruitment and many others in the future.

College Internship importance

These skill sets involve time management, proper organization, problem-solving hands-on, adaptability, interacting with the professionals, and understanding the workplace. It will act as a roadway to an individual’s professional development by giving weightage to your resume. It teaches you the necessity of work-life balance and introduces you to workplace work politics. You may get to discover your new interests that otherwise would not be possible outside.


Top 7 Benefits of an Internship

Here are the top 7 reasons that explicitly brief you about why an internship is an essential parameter for your personal and professional growth. Let’s dive right into it and get to the in-depth of each.

1. Internships provide real-world exposure

A college internship helps you get the much-required first-hand exposure of working in the real world. It allows the students to deploy their theoretical skills into practical implementation, and having the practical knowledge before getting into the actual work reaps the fruit.

An internship exposes you to new people, new environment and a new world altogether. You get to experience the professional world and learn about it. Exposure to the industry helps you learn various things that may not be possible in a classroom. You get real exposure when you intern at a company and perform the tasks of a regular employee. This exposure lays the path for your successful career.

2. Gain competitive edge using Internships

Internships can mean sacrificing precious days of relaxation, but the benefits can be long term and it can have a positive impact on your future job prospects.

One internship could create an immense difference between winning a job opportunity or losing it. If there are lots of candidates seeking a job, the ones with prior work experience or internships always have a competitive edge over others. An internship shows that you have that drive and passion for learning outside the university, making you the company’s right fit.


3. Establish networking connections with Industry Professionals

Establishing network connections with industry professionals can help you advance your professional career. Life is full of surprises, you may never know when a network could come in handy. According to statistics, there is a 1 in 16 chance of getting a job because of your networking.

Internships provide you with the right environment to meet professionals of the same interests. A professional bond is necessary when you network with people during internships. You can help one another by recommending each other for better positions at your companies. And this is all possible only when you move out and intern at a good place. Establishing the right networks with the right professionals can help you get the required assistance in the future.

4. Helps you figure out your interests

You may be unaware of your interest at the start of your professional journey. What you might like on a pen and paper might not interest you when implemented in the real world.  Internships for college students with no experience can give you an opportunity to figure out your interests.

know your interest through college internships

You might think about a career that you desire. Still, you may not know whether it is a right fit for you or not until you have hands-on practical and professional experience on it. Interning at a company and figuring out your interests can give you the liberty to reject a job you don’t like after you graduate. So, an internship is the best approach to find out your interests.


5. Transition into A Full-Time Position

It is a straight answer to the “Do internships help you get a job?” As per the State of Millennial Hiring report, 81.1% of graduates have benefitted from internships. After completing your training, most probably the same company absorbs you for a full-time position because they have invested their time and money to train you.

An internship is associated with high packaged salaries and better job roles. Sometimes, landing up with a job right after graduation could be worrisome. It is because you may be the most vulnerable employee during the layoffs period. Some bosses may not tolerate your mistakes, and you might end up losing your job. So, an internship could help you learn in advance and create a path for a successful career.

6. Allows you to get paid for on the job learning

Some internships might give you a decent stipend, while some may not. Imagine getting money for learning, how interesting it would be! A little pocket money makes you put more effort into accelerating your training curve. A paid internship can bode well with your future employers. It showcases your talent and skills, which contributed to a paid internship.

But as per join handshake reports, 65% of paid interns landed up with a job post-completion, while only 38% of unpaid interns got job offers. So, it is always advisable to go for an internship that pays you something for your efforts.


7. Learn professional workplace operations

There may be ample instances when you hear about workplace operations from the guest speakers or read about it in textbooks or case studies. Still, nothing can be compared with living an actual experience. You only get to know the real world when you experience it all by yourself.

Learn professional workplace operations

An internship lets students learn about workplace culture, employee relationships, communication standards, protocols, office politics, and several other things. It teaches them to communicate effectively and maintain good relationships with co-workers. It helps the student onboard their first professional job with ease.


These few instances can help you to understand the purpose of internships. An internship is the building block of a successful career. So, the next time you are on a summer break or a gap year, do ensure to indulge in a meaningful internship that could pave the path for your future. It is clearly visible that the benefits of an apprenticeship are undisputed. So, why not delve into it and experience the true benefit.

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